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5 Responses to Studio

  1. Jevan Smith says:

    …funny… so many of THE old Sound Libraries come, and go, then are sort of revived again… I never did find two of the five original Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra sound library disks… CD Audio… Brass, and Strings…
    …the Mellotron… ‘tron… Tron… Choir samples, then restored to the original chorister samples the samples were… of the 1950s… some think from 1960! LOVE your compilation sound library Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra… there are many others… sound libraries can come from humble beginnings with modest resources, like no-manufacturer-name… at all… musical instruments used by the Wiener Phlharmoniker… for sound libraries, too… I would love VSTi’s of so many sound libraries, keyboard workstations we will never enjoy… the attitude is as if no one cares… fully functioning download folders with files of THE sound libraries, classic keyboard workstations… as VST Plug-ins, VSTi’s… if I had the equipment, I would upload for free downloads!

  2. Great website. Lots of helpful info here. I’m sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you to your sweat! musical artist

  3. daniel says:

    Hi, but exist the SF2 version for the library: Virtual Playing Orchestra, created by Paul Battersby, and VSCO2 Community Edition, created by Versilian Studios?

  4. Andre B says:

    Hi Mattias

    I tried to contact you in the field forms, but doesn’t work. Don’t know why.

    Anyway, that’s for a collaboration. Your musics are awesome…

    Please write me back asap.

    Thanks 😉

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