I’ve put this off for far too long

I don’t know if that exact line was in the Fellowship novel, but I sure remember it from the film and sometimes it feels like the story of my life. Believe it or not, I’ve been planning to launch this site for more than two years. But for many reasons I never really got around to it. I kept tinkering and procrastinating and weeks became months became years.

A few weeks back I said to myself: why don’t you just let the music do the talking? Because that’s what this site is about anyway — my music. So what if it’s a WordPress site with a standard(ish) WordPress theme? So what if the wording isn’t eloquent enough? So what if the site isn’t 100% pro-looking? Screw it, content is king.

So, with a feeling similar to the one Bilbo had when leaving the Shire for good, I present to you my humble but official place on the internet. I’ll probably keep tinkering but the important stuff is there. Enjoy your stay.

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