Grumpy old men

No updates from me for a while, as you may or may not have noticed. I wish I could say this indicates some new orchestral goodness to come. I really wish I could. But the truth is I got more than a little disheartened by the outcome of my request for donations back in December, and on top of that the the trouble I had to go through to make a site claiming to be “on my side” to pay me money they owed me.

FTR: I’m not in this for the money. Far from it. I just thought that offering free and open music would be worth more to people. Apparently I was wrong.

Sorry about the grumpy tone of all this, I’m extremely grateful for the donations I did receieve, but honestly there is no reason for me to release anything new when the sole reason people are using my music is that it’s free.

See what I’m getting at?

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  1. Albrecht says:

    Got here from the Illwinter site. Got kinda curious about who composed the music for CoE 3. And I discover that you did also the tracks for Proelium Wesnotii (I loved the botched Latin translation!).

    And from a random Internet retard- your music is good. Probably the best soundtracks I’ve heard other than Dominions 3 itself or Europa Barbarorum.

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