Unfinished Business

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only musician who has accumulated vast amounts of abandoned musical ideas over the years. You know, the I’ll let this rest for a while¬†and this is good, I need to make something of this¬†stuff.

I normally keep a list of all the little bits I consider good (or at least useable) so that I can go back to them and either finish them or use them in other compositions. It’s great to have a database of snippets for when you’re stuck on a tune or need to kickstart a new one.

But as time and technology progress, and you realize that some of these snippets were made years ago in a host that won’t even run on your current OS, using samples that have been moved, renamed or even deleted, then maybe it’s time to just let them go. But one man’s trash is another one’s treasure so who am I to say no one could find them useful?

Unfinished Business is a small collection of tracks made between mid 2007 and early 2009, most of them very short and rough. And by rough I don’t mean “needs a little more work” — I mean cobbled-together ideas that never really got anywhere. Feel free to use them for anything you want (as always: CC-BY license), my only reservation is this: parts of them might appear in my new compositions!

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