No more Jamendo for me

I have decided that I will not be publishing any more music on Jamendo. Why? Well, it seems that when Jamendo redesigned their site a while back, they decided to remove their own donation system so fans can donate directly to the artists via PayPal. I know, that’s a good thing, but here’s the hitch. Jamendo’s old system had a $100/€100 limit which meant that as long as the sum of your recieved donations stayed below those sums, they won’t pay you your money. And that’s $100 or €100 btw — they haven’t heard of currency conversion it seems so if you have, say, $60 and €50 in donations which would technically amount to more than a 100 in either currency, you’re still not getting any money. Nice, huh?

So what’s happening now is that Jamendo is still hogging my donations, and now people can’t donate via Jamendo anymore. The only way those $’s and €’s will rise is if people decide to license my tracks for commercial projects via Jamendo. Which barely ever happens — people usually contact me directly.

Sorry Jamendo, until you get your shit together and give me my money, I will not be putting as much as one second of new music on your site.

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5 Responses to No more Jamendo for me

  1. Kyrio says:

    Contacting them and telling them about currency conversion didn’t work, I suppose ?

    • Mattias says:

      Working on it. I have yet to find a means of contacting them that doesn’t involve posting on a public forum.

  2. Kyrio says:

    Anyway, it is scandalous that they don’t allow the artists to reach the $100 sum anymore. It means that fans thought they were helping an artist and did none of this.

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