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New article on virtual orchestra mixing and processing

Yep, another new article is now up. Hope you’ll enjoy it. I’m also looking for suggestions on additional topics to cover. Requests, anyone?

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“Choosing a Reverb” article now up

I have just published the fifth and final article in the Orchestral Positioning series. It deals with the subjects of algorithmic vs convolution reverb, stereo processing techniques, and also features some free and inexpensive plugin recommendations. Enjoy!

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Orchestral Positioning: Reverb

I have (finally!) added three articles on the topic of orchestral reverb, with possibly a fourth to come. I  didn’t go into some stuff as much as I originally intended, because these texts are lenghty as is and it’s simply so … Continue reading

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Positioning guide (pt i)

A few years ago I published a three-part guide on orchestral instrument positioning over on the Wesnoth forums. There was a lot of people there who were struggling to get started with making music for the game and when I … Continue reading

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