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Embrace the dinosaurs

Most of us who use computers for music production are caught in an unending spiral of upgrades and migrations and searching high and low for new toys. But in this high-tech maze of almost endless possibilities it’s easy to forget … Continue reading

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Speak of the devil

In my previous post about VSS I mentioned that the same results can probably be had with other and more inexpensive tools — and looky here what turned up in the KVR Developer Challenge 2012: Proximity —┬áThis plug-in is an … Continue reading

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Parallax Audio VSS

I stumbled across this interesting virtual orchestration positioning tool called VirtualSoundStage. As it is designed for overcoming the challenges of using samples from many different libraries, i.e. making everything sound like a whole despite conflicting ambiences, micing techniques etc, it … Continue reading

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Get ’em while the gettin’s good

I have a thing for older orchestral libraries. I got into this kind of music through game soundtracks like Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 and Morrowind and it’s never really bothered me that the samples used back then didn’t have … Continue reading

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No more Jamendo for me

I have decided that I will not be publishing any more music on Jamendo. Why? Well, it seems that when Jamendo redesigned their site a while back, they decided to remove their own donation system so fans can donate directly … Continue reading

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