© means copyrighted tracks. These are commissioned or private tracks that may not be used for anything beyond personal use.

CC-BY means tracks released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. These tracks are either completely finished or as finished as they’re going to get (i.e. abandoned). They may be used in any way the license allows.

WIP means unfinished tracks that I will get back to working on when time permits. These may not be used in any public projects, but using them for personal stuff is fine, e.g. as placeholders in a game you’re developing.

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  4. James says:


    Found your orchestration advice very helpful. Thanks for posting it. I’m just stretching out from guitars and bass and drum machines to using sample libraries. I signed up to Composer Cloud just to get some examples of samples before I shell out any serious dough.

    Was also listening to some of your tracks. They sound amazing. Were they all done with sample libraries / VSTi’s?

    Thanks again for advice


  5. john0611 says:

    Hi! what piano do you use? is it from SSO? Awesome soundtrack! when I was typing I heard this awesome part of your WIP song! epic!

  6. Mattias says:

    john0611: it depends on what track you’re reffering to, but if you mean Beneath a Wheel of Stars, that’s the PianoOne VSTi.

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