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I will happily accept commissions for computer/console/mobile games, short films, theatrical plays, trailers and other media. I am able to work in a variety of musical styles, including orchestral, ambient cinematic, traditional, synth, hard rock/metal, progressive rock, or any hybrid of these. Drop me a line, tell me about your project and what kind of work is involved, and we’ll discuss the details. If you happen to be looking for something in a style that isn’t listed above, drop me a line anyway. There’s a good chance I might be able to recommend you someone, as I have a wide network of musician friends and acquaintances working in all imaginable genres.

I also offer the following services:

  • Scoring of pop/rock/metal/EDM/etc. tracks in need of some orchestral flair
  • Orchestral mixing, i.e. you provide dry stem tracks, I put them together into a nice whole
  • Thematic composition, i.e. providing a set of various leitmotifs for your project to be used by other musicians as a starting point
  • Writing articles or tutorials on virtual orchestration
  • Live guitar tracks for your projects, whether acoustic or electric
  • Sample library development, or creating presets for virtual instruments

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