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While I’m anything but a guitar snob — I don’t own a single expensive or rare instrument, just a bunch of customized low-to-mid range workhorse type ones — I am most definitely a guitar nerd. Unless you want to hear me go on about it for hours, be careful about asking me about guitar brands and models, pickups, tuners, bridges, nuts, string gagues, tunings and whatnot. I always enjoy reading or watching detailed gear rundowns from guitar players that I like (and sometimes even from ones that I don’t like, or aren’t familiar with) and there’s nothing I love more than getting my hands on a cheap(ish) guitar with potential. I can literally spend weeks pondering and planning what modifications to make in order to transform it from an ugly duckling into a guitar that you pick up, play, and don’t want to put down.

As I know there are plenty of other guitar nerds out there, I decided to write up a list of my own modest guitar collection. Chances are most people who come here don’t have the slightest interest in it, but hey, just in case (yeah, OK, I like talking about it).

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