Seven WIP’s moved to CC-BY

I have moved seven of my Summoning Wars tracks (Battle at Dwarfenwall, Goblin Rituals, Summoning Wars Gameplay Video, Summoning Wars Main Title, The Prophecy, Treacherous Paths and Tread Lightly) from WIP status to CC-BY, making them eligible for any use the license allows.

I realized it’s been four or five years and as the game is basically dead, it’s very unlikely I will go back to working on any of them again. So I’m releasing them into the wild, hoping they will come to good use despite their lack of polish.

Council Dungeons, Reluctant Hero and Inferno Behemoth remain WIP’s though. These were made with the orchestral template I still use, so wrapping them up isn’t as much of a chore. I only need to get around to it…

You can get the tracks on the Music page.

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