Stem tracks for 2007-2008 music released

I have released stem tracks from a number of my older tunes, namely Traveling Minstrels, The King is Dead, Over the Northern Mountains, Exploration, The Silver Tree, Through the Gates, Reunion and Dark Passage. If you feel like creating remixed versions, trying your hands at basic orchestral mixing, or just listening to the different instruments dry and in isolation, you might find these useful.

It’s a fairly large archive (1.2GB) so I can only offer it as a torrent download. The torrent can be downloaded here. Please seed once you have downloaded it, I can not seed it 24/7.

The stems are stereo 24 bit/44.1kHz FLAC files. Depending on your host you might need to manually convert them to wav before importing.

Please note that some instruments, mainly some percussion and solo instruments, are clumped together on the same tracks. This is how the routing in the projects was set up and there is nothing I can do about it that wouldn’t require tons of work. So this is all the separation you’re going to get, I’m afraid.

The stem tracks come with a few restrictions:

1. These files MAY NOT be used in any commercial scenario.

2. These files MAY NOT be used as a base for sampled instruments or loops.

3. These files MAY NOT be redistributed without the included readme, unaltered.

4. Any and all remixes/mashups/etc must CLEARLY be labeled as such if released to the public.

5. You may NOT reuse and release any of the included media files IN ANY FORM without giving due credit to the author (Mattias Westlund, i.e. me).

Have fun!

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