Tis the season to be…

I rarely flat out ask for donations because it makes me feel greedy. But as Xmas is the season of giving I would just like to remind you that I’m giving music away here all year, with very liberal terms of use, so this might be a good time for you to give something back.

You can donate any amount via PayPal, or maybe get me something from my (very modest) eBay wishlist? [seems this feature is broken, thanks eBay!]

And unlike virtually all the big-name artists around, the money you send my way will not go towards lining the pockets of record label execs and redundant middle men. It will go directly to me, allowing me to cover all the various expenses of being a musician and making sure that I can keep providing you with free music for your game projects, youtube videos (yes I’m looking at you, Minecraft players!) and whatnot.

If you can’t donate, you can help out in other ways.

– Spread the word about me and my work in any way you can. Maybe you have friends and followers who are into this kind of music? Post it on Twitter, Facebook and all the social media waterholes.

– If you’re on Facebook, feel free to like my artist page and tell your friends about it.

– You good with some video editing software? I’m looking to release a bunch of my tracks on my youtube channel, but I don’t have time to do something interesting with this myself.

– Drop me a line and just say thanks or keep up the good work. I know this might seem trivial but believe it or not, it helps A LOT.

Happy holidays!

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