My whole life is a work in progress

I know it might seem strange that I have so many works in progress listed on my music page… and that so little progress is being made. The thing is, I don’t do this professionally. For the most part I make music for open source games with no real deadlines which is both a blessing and a curse. If you’re like me, “plenty of time to deliver” usually turns into “tinker indefinitely”.

Anyway, I have uploaded some updates to the playlist. Namely Reluctant Hero (yes, I dropped the “A” in the title), Inferno Behemoth, and Council Dungeons (previously known as Windclaw’s Lair). There are no massive changes, mostly just fixes and additions. It’s weird how hard it can be to wrap a piece up even though you’re like 90% there.

In addition to that, here’s some stuff that I’ve been working on lately that is too WIP to even be in the playlist…

Outdoor Ambience 1 — Nondescript title for a piece of nondescript background music for Summoning Wars.

Goblin Rituals — Silly thing made with Miroslav Philharmonik CE and some freebies.

SW Sad Theme — A sad and emotional variation on the main Summoning Wars theme.


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2 Responses to My whole life is a work in progress

  1. dezGusty says:

    Great work on the SW Sad Theme. That should definitely go into the next release. I’m still busy with some exams for about 2 weeks, but after that I should get some time to take care of SW again.
    Goblin Rituals sounds good. I’m not sure about outdoor ambience 1. It sounds good, but the addition of the rain sound means we’ll need to add some rain effects to the levels where we use it.
    I only listened to the last 3 pieces so far; keep up the good work!

  2. Mattias says:

    Thanks dezGusty. Not sure where the sad theme would fit in though, sumwars doesn’t really have a lot of emotional scenes to my knowledge. I wrote the tune just for the sake of experimentation but it would be great if we could fit it in somewhere.

    As for the ambience piece, I see what you mean. OTOH sumwars has a lot of parts that are obviously “not quite there yet” in terms of both graphics and sound. So having the sound of rain with no visible rain effect seems like a really minor discrepancy to me.

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