Would you support me on Patreon?

As you may have noticed, my creative output has diminished radically over the past few years. In fact, I haven’t released much stuff at all since Waters of Redemption in 2016. Even though I’ve never been super-prolific, I usually release at least a few CC-licensed tracks, articles, sampled instruments or whatnot each year. But 2019 is quickly drawing to a close and I have yet to publish anything new.

The reason for this is not a lack of ideas or enthusiasm, but rather the sad fact that I don’t have the time and energy for much more than hacking away at my novel. Most of my time needs to be devoted to finding odd jobs to make ends meet, which entails that activities that don’t help pay the bills are not a priority.

So to help remedy this situation — and potentially get back into creating free and open content for everyone to enjoy — I’ve been toying with the idea of joining Patreon. I would be interested to know what you guys think. Would you consider supporting me if I did, and in that case, what kind of stuff would you be interested in seeing? Just more music, or stem tracks, tutorial videos, articles and whatnot? I mean, asking people to support me is one thing, but knowing what patrons might want in return is harder.

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2 Responses to Would you support me on Patreon?

  1. Terry93D says:

    I would support you.

    Your own suggestions are good – I would appreciate articles and more music, especially. I think you should go and look at what other composers do with their Patreon.

    • Mattias says:

      Thank you Terry! Sadly, judging from the lukewarm response to this idea here and elsewhere I don’t know if there’s any point in going ahead with it. But you’re right, maybe I should investigate what others are doing.

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