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Share knowledge, don’t hoard it

Considering that I’m a tiny tadpole in a huge pond and not even extremely experienced as far as virtual orchestrations go, I understand that writing lengthy articles about this subject might be perceived as hubris of the highest degree. Every … Continue reading

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Taking the plunge

Even though I’ve been composing game music for almost ten years now, I’ve never actually done this professionally. I’ve had a few paid gigs since 2012 (working on my fourth right now, fifth one coming up next year), but it’s … Continue reading

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Old farts

This post is basically a rant about being — or at least slowly becoming — an old fart. So take it for what it is. At 41 and reasonably tech-savvy I guess I’m not running any immediate risk of going … Continue reading

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Turn that down will you!

When I was younger I listened to music a lot. From my teens and all the way into my early thirties I used to listen to music all the time. No matter what I was doing, there was always something … Continue reading

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Two sides of the same coin

There are those who like to compose their stuff one little bit at a time, beginning with the most basic parts and then adding in instruments and sections if or when they’re needed in the composition. A clean slate, every … Continue reading

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Why am I doing this?

I’ve been thinking a lot about musical goals lately. How to define them, how to work towards them in at least a semi-disciplined manner. And most importantly, how to keep them realistic while at the same time providing yourself with … Continue reading

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