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Comments and replies

First of all, I’d like to apologize for not responding promptly (or ever) to comments here on this site. But the thing is, 98% of the comments I get here are of the drive-by variety, i.e. someone just says thanks … Continue reading

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Making some edits

I’m busy making some edits to the site theme, so expect things to look a little wonky until done. Thanks for your patience. Update: done, for now.

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Site theme updated

I have updated the┬ásite’s theme a bit. Hit Ctrl+F5 to clear the cache and reload if you can’t see any difference.

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Lego Heroica — Late to the party as usual

I’ve been a big fan of fantasy board games for ages, and I’ve been looking for some good way of getting my six year-old daughter interested in this magical pastime. Sure, there are plenty of board games for children but … Continue reading

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Share knowledge, don’t hoard it

Considering that I’m a tiny tadpole in a huge pond and not even extremely experienced as far as virtual orchestrations go, I understand that writing lengthy articles about this subject might be perceived as hubris of the highest degree. Every … Continue reading

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Taking the plunge

Even though I’ve been composing game music for almost ten years now, I’ve never actually done this professionally. I’ve had a few paid gigs since 2012 (working on my fourth right now, fifth one coming up next year), but it’s … Continue reading

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I’m on soundcloud!

Linky here. Yep, that was all I had to say.

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Site updates

I’m working on a few changes to the site right now, so if anything looks odd, you know why. Please be patient. Thanks. Edit: as you can see I have a new site theme. This is a work in progress … Continue reading

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Stem tracks for 2007-2008 music released

I have released stem tracks from a number of my older tunes, namely Traveling Minstrels, The King is Dead, Over the Northern Mountains, Exploration, The Silver Tree, Through the Gates, Reunion and Dark Passage. If you feel like creating remixed … Continue reading

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Why am I doing this?

I’ve been thinking a lot about musical goals lately. How to define them, how to work towards them in at least a semi-disciplined manner. And most importantly, how to keep them realistic while at the same time providing yourself with … Continue reading

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