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Twist of Fate (Yamaha TG100)

Got myself an old Yamaha TG100 GM sound module recently, and this is a track I wrote while exploring it. The early nineties cheese is strong with this one!

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New article: Vintage virtual orchestration on a budget

Retrocomputing and retrogaming are two really big topics right now. But what about retro VO’s? Join me as I take a look at three completely free virtual instruments for capturing that vintage vibe in your music, plus some thoughts on … Continue reading

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Time Traveler Episode 1 released!

For a loooong time I’ve been thinking about creating some retrocomputing/retrogaming videos for Youtube, but since I have zero previous experience with shooting and editing video, it’s been kind of an uphill struggle. At long last though, the very first … Continue reading

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Scoring Central

I don’t know how many of you have noticed the “Forum” link up top. It’s been there for almost a couple of months now but I didn’t want to post about it officially unitl things were properly under way. Anyway, Scoring … Continue reading

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Netbook orchestra!

Being a sick and twisted person I actually enjoy some amount of limitations in my musical tools. Limitations can be frustrating, no doubt about it, but they can also be inspiring and, for me, strangely liberating. I’m a tinkerer if … Continue reading

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Site theme updated

I have updated the site’s theme a bit. Hit Ctrl+F5 to clear the cache and reload if you can’t see any difference.

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Old farts

This post is basically a rant about being — or at least slowly becoming — an old fart. So take it for what it is. At 41 and reasonably tech-savvy I guess I’m not running any immediate risk of going … Continue reading

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Orchestral template rundown

I have been asked so many times what DAW and sample libraries and other things I’m using so I decided to write a more or less complete rundown of my main orchestral template. I guess this is going to be … Continue reading

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Guitar playing renaissance

I know most of you are familiar only with my orchestral stuff, and I rarely talk about antyhing else here. But the fact is my history as a musician goes back much further than 2006 or so when I started … Continue reading

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New home studio pics

In case anyone’s curious what my home studio looks like, here’s a couple of recent shots.  

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