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Time Traveler Episode 1 released!

For a loooong time I’ve been thinking about creating some retrocomputing/retrogaming videos for Youtube, but since I have zero previous experience with shooting and editing video, it’s been kind of an uphill struggle. At long last though, the very first … Continue reading

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Scoring Central

I don’t know how many of you have noticed the “Forum” link up top. It’s been there for almost a couple of months now but I didn’t want to post about it officially unitl things were properly under way. Anyway, Scoring … Continue reading

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Netbook orchestra!

Being a sick and twisted person I actually enjoy some amount of limitations in my musical tools. Limitations can be frustrating, no doubt about it, but they can also be inspiring and, for me, strangely liberating. I’m a tinkerer if … Continue reading

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Site theme updated

I have updated the site’s theme a bit. Hit Ctrl+F5 to clear the cache and reload if you can’t see any difference.

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Old farts

This post is basically a rant about being — or at least slowly becoming — an old fart. So take it for what it is. At 41 and reasonably tech-savvy I guess I’m not running any immediate risk of going … Continue reading

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Orchestral template rundown

I have been asked so many times what DAW and sample libraries and other things I’m using so I decided to write a more or less complete rundown of my main orchestral template. I guess this is going to be … Continue reading

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Guitar playing renaissance

I know most of you are familiar only with my orchestral stuff, and I rarely talk about antyhing else here. But the fact is my history as a musician goes back much further than 2006 or so when I started … Continue reading

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New home studio pics

In case anyone’s curious what my home studio looks like, here’s a couple of recent shots.  

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Embrace the dinosaurs

Most of us who use computers for music production are caught in an unending spiral of upgrades and migrations and searching high and low for new toys. But in this high-tech maze of almost endless possibilities it’s easy to forget … Continue reading

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Speak of the devil

In my previous post about VSS I mentioned that the same results can probably be had with other and more inexpensive tools — and looky here what turned up in the KVR Developer Challenge 2012: Proximity — This plug-in is an … Continue reading

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